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Viecar VP001 car fault diagnostic instrument

Bluetooth/USB OBD

Bluetooth/USB OBD

Viecar VP002 Automotive Troubleshooter

Viecar VP003 Automotive Troubleshooter

Viecar VP004 car fault diagnosis instrument


Founded in 2003, headquartered in Beijing zhongguancun high-tech industrial park, the company is a state-level high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in AR/VR simulation and interactive experience software. Relying on the scientific research technology of XXX provincial university of technology and university of science and technology, we are committed to the development of virtual simulation, augmented reality, interactive experience, interactive sensor control and other aspects of interactive display technology applications. With a number of innovative technologies and standardized products that have reached the international leading level, we can provide customers with one-stop services such as project planning, overall design, hardware integration, core technology research and development, customized processing, installation and debugging, after-sales maintenance and upgrading.

Build speed station only for a better deceleration station platform!

Company is the leading B2B e-commerce Internet information service provider, relying on its core business through the Internet products and strong traditional marketing channels of advertising with the China academy of information daquan, industry analysis report to provide clients with full service of online and offline, this kind of complementary advantages, and three-dimensional architecture, has become a model of B2B industry in China, has a revolutionary influence on the development of electronic commerce.

Internet information service co., LTD., relying on the university of XXX, normal university and other colleges and universities, has rich resources of colleges and universities, a strong technological advantage and extensive talent sources and language services, web design, Internet marketing experience, at the same time, its operating provincial people government portal as the only company in hunan province English mainstream propaganda media, strong ability in international publicity and promotion, also bring us the good relationship with media and government resources of absolute advantage.


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How to do a good job of car inspection through a car diagnos

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